Wednesday, May 12, 2021

To Drink Coffee With a Ghost by Amanda Lovelace

Lovelace unravels the memory of a toxic relationship between mother and daughter, body shaming, and the haunting shadows of the dead walking behind us. All the poems about this theme are quite bittersweet since her mother is a person she loved, but in part she also hated.

I could relate to some of her deep poems. Amanda delivers her poetry in a way that brings comfort to their readers who are looking for a mirror to see themselves in while also taking readers on a journey through a piece of Amanda’s life that’s utterly unique. Her raw and ethereal writing never fails to inspire me and make me want to hug those around me and thank them for the love they have to offer. I went through many emotions all good and bad, but it has taught me a lot and made me know that I am not the only one going through those things. This poem book is great for people who need an outlet to know they are not alone, and to people who have a love for great poetry.

I also wanted to share my 3 favorite poems from this book:

For the first time, I will allow myself to believe that the best can and will happen to me, instead of the worst. - life doesn't have to be a horror show

Hold tightly do you take the time and energy to understand the intricacies of your Magic. -What's truly important. 

But you belong to nobody except yourself. -your own future.

This book contains explicit language and mature themes.

Review written by Genevieve C.