Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Gilded Hour

 I was first drawn to the beautiful cover of this title but put off reading it because of it's girth (it's a total of 768 pages). So when the audio book came up as available on Overdrive I decided it was time to see if it sounded as good as it looked.

It. was. worth. every. minute (and there were 1,800 minutes total). The book's details of an 1880 New York City created a vivid picture without seeming to drone on and on. The characters were unique, but still believable for the time period. I didn't want to stop listening, and found myself listening while gardening, doing laundry, and everything else in between! 

The story centers around the family of Anna Savard and her cousin Sophie who are both doctors and working in the local women's hospital. They are well off, which allows them to skirt a number of the preconceived notions of the time period, but both women still deal with issues of racism, sexism, and women's rights. It's a beautiful, yet realistic picture of a changing time period.

If you're a lover of historical fiction, feminists, and medicine, you'll love this first book in Sara Donati's new series.