Monday, August 24, 2020

The Lost and Found Bookshop


Recently I've read a string of books that have been about bookshops. For the longest time I actually thought I'd read this title already, but soon realized my error after reading the inside jacket cover. As a librarian, I think we have a soft spot for any titles having to do with books, but this one was pretty special. The Lost and Found Bookshop is a story of family, history, and trust that seamlessly blends San Francisco history and society into the story. The protagonist is not happy with her job, but too fearful to take on the risk of her mother's bookshop which would provide an unsteady income. Upon the death of her mother and her grandfather's unwillingness to sell the shop, she is forced to make the choice between security and happiness, family and independence. Add in a good looking handy man who knows a thing or two about classic literature, and you've got a soft and heartwarming story about finding your way when the outcome isn't certain.

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